Once satisfied with the solution required we would either select the appropriate supplier and/or develop an in-house solution to meet your business requirements.

  • In the case of developing a new website or upgrading your existing website, great design is paramount so we would select a designer that reflected your philosophy and core values while representing the style you were looking for. In terms of building it Zenago would utilise our world-class visual, graphic and marketing skills with sound information technology in order to deliver upon your desired web based solution. 
  • If however your business required a ‘Cloud Solution’, then depending on your requirements we might suggest any of the following applications: Gmail, Google Apps, Skype.
  • Some businesses prefer Zenago to manage their site, if however your business is one of many that prefer to manage their own content Zenago has developed its own comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) that is browser based allowing your website to be updated 24/7.
  • If your business required a multimedia solution then Zenago can offer a range of in-house flash video tools.
  • If mail order sales and/or online advertising are a key component of your business then standing out from the competition and ranking well in search engines will be important to your business and possibly a key component of your solution. Zenago offers specialist Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as an additional service.