Custom solutions is perhaps an overused term in business but within our business at Zenago it is a key element, ensuring you get what you want no matter how unique the request.

This is why we spend so much time in the ‘Talk’ phase, allowing us to fully understand what it is you want your custom solution to be. It also allows us to brief you on what is possible. If anything most organisations tend to underestimate the comprehensive capabilities their custom solution can produce.

We have been able to demonstrate our expertise by delivering effective custom solutions to a number of organisations. Below are several examples:

  • Mazda who asked us to develop their vehicle ordering systems. 
  • Cancer Society who required us to redevelop their Sunsmart Schools Accreditation system. 
  • Auckland Ultimate who needed a member and tournament management system developed. 

By talking to the key people involved in each organisation and understanding how they wanted it to work, we were also able to offer other ideas they hadn’t thought of to optimise functionality for other parts of the organisation.