Google Aps

At Zenago we believe Google Apps can help your organisation work smarter. So you might ask how? Well firstly Google’s web-based messaging and collaboration apps require no hardware or software and need minimal administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings for your organisation.

In terms of storage Google Apps has 50 times more storage than the industry average allowing employees greater email storage enabling them to be able to keep important messages and find them instantly with Google search. Gone are the days of IT personnel getting users to delete their email in order to save space on in-house networking servers.

Gmail has been designed so users can spend less time managing their inboxes and more time being productive. Time saving features like message threading, message labels, fast message search and powerful spam filtering enable employees to work more efficiently with high volumes of email. With several options for accessing their information while on the go, employees can be productive with Google Apps even when they are not at their desks. At no extra charge, Google Apps supports over-the-air mobile access on devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and other similar devices.

Google also provide a guarantee that they will be available at least 99.9% of the time so your employees are more productive and your orgnisation can worry less about system downtime. When you trust your orgnisation’s information to Google, you can be confident that your critical information is safe and secure.

Organisations get these customizable security features with Google Apps:

  • Custom spam and inbound mail filtering tools, powered by Postini, to complement powerful spam filters that automatically work with no up-front configuration. 
  • Custom outbound mail filtering tools to prevent sensitive information from being distributed, powered by Postini. 
  • Custom information sharing rules to determine how broadly employees are allowed to share with Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites. 
  • Custom password length requirements and visual strength indicators to help employees pick secure passwords. Enforced SSL connections with Google Apps to ensure secure HTTPS access. 
  • Optional email archiving, up to 10 years of retention.